Our Portal Types

RFID Portals to Suit Any Application.

Whatever your requirement we have a portal that will meet your needs. From commercial office and pedestrian warehouses to large fulfilment, hubs, sorting and distribution centres. Our portals are designed to maximise flexibility for all commercial installations and applications while creating a reliable asset tracking system.

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Custom RFID Solutions

A Gateway Solution Tailored to Your Needs.

We know all businesses are different, so we make sure we can offer a solution that fits. From the framework alone, right up to full multi-portal systems with tailored antennae, RFID readers, direction sensors and full installation.

System options
Software Solutions

The Brains Behind the Frames.

You know that you can get the hardware, but what about the software to control the system and manage the tracking side? You have your own IT guys...so no problem...but what if you don't? We can help here too, with our software partner, who will be more than happy to create a custom IT solution that can link with existing systems if required.

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Our RFID projects.

Below are some of our projects designed and built around the exact customer requirements to create a fully integrated tracking solution. The potential of RFID and what it can do for you is almost limitless.

Siemens Digital Factory Project, Congleton

Siemens Digital Factory, Congleton. 

Designed for use on a goods in loading bay with fully enclosed electronics and RFID readers. Tracks part bins through goods in and logs them as stock on arrival at a Siemens distribution facility in the UK.

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Bentley Project, Crewe

Bentley Motors, Crewe. 

Designed and produced for reading and logging of high value car parts coming in and out of a production facility on fully loaded trailers at Bentley.

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